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List of Alloys & profiles

List of Alloys & profiles



Where are you exhibiting?

For forthcoming exhibitions go to Exhibitions.  You can also view past exhibitions we have attended in News Updates, Archived News and Exhibitions.

Do you have a technical catalogue?

We have two technical brochures:

  1. Electrical Resistance Alloys brochure click to request your copy.
  2. ‘High Performance’ or ‘Exotic’ Nickel alloys click to request your copy

Please contact us if you need help choosing the brochure you need.  The Electrical Resistance brochure gives guidance on heating element design. The ‘High Performance’ alloys technical brochure provides detailed specification data sheets on all of our alloys.

How can I pay?

Payment can be made by: BACS, Bank / Wire Transfer, Check, Credit Cards (all major credit cards are accepted with the exception of American Express) and transactions can be processed in USD, GBP or EUR)

Is Alloy Wire a stockist?

Generally most orders are made to customers individual specifications / drawings.  As we hold raw material at various sizes, we can offer very quick delivery times – typically 2 to 3 weeks.

We have an extensive range of Inconel X-750 and 80/20 NiCr standard stock sizes for immediate delivery.

Does Alloy Wire Manufacture the wire?

Yes, Alloy Wire manufactures precision drawn round wire, flat wire, shaped section/profile wire, straight bars and wire rope/strand.


Where is my local Sales Office?

Please go to International Contacts, which shows all Alloy Wire sales offices or call us on +44(0) 1384 262022,
fax +44(0)1384 263022 or e-mail and we will confirm your contact.

Who do I contact when progressing my order?

Send an e-mail titled Order Progress to .

Who do I contact if I can’t find what I am looking for?

Please contact your local Alloy Wire sales office, go to International Contacts or contact

Who do I contact if I have a technical question?

Please contact for answers to any technical questions.

Who do I send my enquiry to?

Please send your enquiries to your local Alloy Wire sales office, go to International Contacts or contact in the UK.


Can you stamp or flag tag straight lengths/bars?

We cannot stamp wire straight-lengths or bars.  We can however, label each length / bar with a sticker for identification, upon request.

Can you precision ‘Layer’ wind wire e.g. for MIG welding wire?

No we do not offer ‘Layer’ wire. We can offer carefully ‘Scramble’ wound wire onto spools, including MIG spools.

What size spools will you supply my material on?

We have various size spools we can supply your material on.  The size of the spool depends upon the size and weights.  Each spool and its dimensions are detailed on our Spools page in Packaging, along with the standard wire size and weight each one holds.  Click here for further details.  If you have a particular requirement, please contact us.

How many feet or metres are in a Lb or Kg of wire?

We have a weight to length calculator to help you establish the number of feet or metres in a Lb or Kg of wire in a specific alloy. Please use the calculator converter.

Can you supply neutral packaging or labels with our company name?

Yes, please confirm on your requirements with your RFQ and order.  Special packaging to individual requirements may also be available on request.

Will my order be suitably wrapped/packed for export?

All products are packed suitably for transportation via road, air or sea, see packaging information.

Do you offer tube / plate / sheet?

No.  We manufacture round wire, profile wire, bars and wire rope.

Does Alloy Wire supply samples?

We are a small quantity specialist, generally we charge for samples.

Can you produce to a different tensile to those stated on the data sheet?

Yes, please specify the tensile strength of the wire you require in your RFQ and we will confirm that we can offer accordingly.

Can you make to my specification/drawing

We do manufacture to individual specifications / drawings.  Please send us your specification / drawing for our production team to confirm if we can meet your requirements.

Where can I find Heat Treatment details?

On the Alloy Range page, click on the alloy you require.  The heat treatment details are shown on the alloy data sheet.
If you cannot find the heat treatment details, please contact us to ask.

What is the largest/smallest section/shaped wire?

Maximum section : 8.00mm (0.315″) Minimum : 0.50mm (0.020″)

What is the widest/smallest tape/ribbon you can offer?

Maximum width : 8.00mm (0.315″) Minimum thickness 0.035mm (0.0014″)
Maximum width to thickness ration 30:1

What is the largest/smallest wire size you can supply?

Round wire : Largest diameter 21.00mm (0.827″) Smallest diameter 0.025mm (0.001″)
Sizes depend on the Alloy.


What approvals do you hold?

Our major approvals include:

  •  ISO 9001
Are you AS 9100 approved?

Yes we have held AS 9100 ‘Aerospace & Defence’ approval since 2013.  Please view our AS 9100 certificate.

Are you ISO 9001 approved?

Yes, we have held ISO 9001 approval since 1991.  Please view our ISO 9001 certificate.

Does the material have full traceability?

Yes. All our material has full traceability back to the primary source and all incoming materials are visually inspected and P.M.I (Positive Material Identification) tested before processing begins. In-process inspection is carried out at every stage of production and full traceability maintained throughout.

Do you provide material certificates?

Yes. If, in addition to our standard reported test results, you have specific tests that you would like conducted and reported please ask?

All incoming materials are visually inspected and P.M.I (Positive Material Identification) tested before processing begins. In-process inspection is carried out at every stage of production and full traceability maintained throughout.

Final inspection on all finished material may include:

  • Dimensional Checks
  • Surface Finish
  • Tensile Strength
  • Proof Stress
  • Elongation
  • Breaking Loads
  • Hardness  (All hardness tests are measured in Vickers and converted using conversion tables in ASTM E140)
  • Wrap Test
  • Bend Test
  • Torsion Test
  • Post-Heat Treatment Tests
  • Positive Material Identification (P.M.I)

In addition, we have examination facilities that allow visual inspection up to 400x. We also prepare and examine cross sections, and can offer access to 3rd party external testing.


Can you deliver my shipment worldwide?

Alloy Wire supplies customers world wide, by road, air courier or sea freight.  We can also ship using your selected courier / carrier account, if you prefer.

To ensure your order arrives in perfect condition, we use specifically designed high quality packaging and proven reliable international couriers.

Can you re-draw or process my free issue material?

Yes. If you have a special grade of material that you require processing to a smaller size and to a precise specification, we can help you.

We will convert your free issue wire or bars to your exact requirements. Our expertise in manufacturing small order quantities means very little material is lost in the setting up process and that’s why we are entrusted to process customers high value materials, such as Silver-Palladium.

For your local Alloy Wire sales office go to international contacts.

Can you offer an emergency/express service if I pay a premium?

For urgent material requirements, we may be able to offer you our Emergency Manufacturing Service (EMS). Please contact us to see if we can help you with your urgent requirement.

What is your standard despatch/lead time?

Typical manufacturing / despatch / lead times are around three working weeks.
If you have an urgent requirement, we have an Emergency Manufacturing Service (EMS) available.

What is your minimum order quantity?

We can manufacture quantities from as small as a few feet or metres, to your specification / drawing.

Contact us so we can better understand you

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Ask a question, request information or enquire whichever way best suits you. Live chat with an expert, use any of our forms or contact us by phone or email.

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