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List of Alloys & profiles

List of Alloys & profiles

Coils Packaging & Shipping

Wire in coils, spools and cut lengths / bars

Our coils contain one continuous length of wire. To save on machine set ups, we can on request, weld wires together and mark the welds for removal by the customer. We can also spilt orders into small weight coils.

In many cases, we can offer wire with a “straight drawn” cast. If this is a requirement, please enquire.

Both ends of each coil are tensile tested and PMI (Positive Material Identification) tested.

All coils are secured with plastic ties, labelled and packed suitably for the chosen mode of transport, either in boxes, palletised or in crates.

We can supply wire coils to the following specifications:

Wire Diameter (mm)Wire Diameter (inch)Coil Diameter (mm)Coil Diameter (inch)Maximum Coil Weights (kg)Maximum Coil Weights (lb)
0.25 – 0.70.010 – .027520082044
0.7 – 1.6.0275 – .0633001250110
1.6 – 6.0.063 – .23660024100220
6.0 – 10.0.236 – .39480030200440
10.0 – 21.0.394 – .827100040400880