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List of Alloys & profiles

List of Alloys & profiles


Haynes˘ 282 - Alloy Wire International 1

Haynes˘ 282

Haynes 282 is a new alloy developed for high temperature structural applications which has excellent creep strength in the temperature range of 650 – 930 °C (1200 – 1700 °F), surpassing that of Waspalloy and Rene 41. Haynes 282 possesses a unique combination of creep strength, thermal stability, weldability and fabricability that is not found in currently available commercial alloys. Its features make it suitable for critical gas turbine applications such as combustors, turbine and exhaust sections, and nozzle components.

Haynes˘ 214 - Alloy Wire International 2

Haynes˘ 214

Haynes 214 is a Nickel-Chromium-Aluminium-Iron alloy which is principally intended for use at temperatures of 955 °C (1750 °F) and above. It exhibits resistance to oxidation that far exceeds virtually all conventional heat resistant wrought alloys at these temperatures, which is attributable to the forming of an Al2O3-type protective oxide scale, which forms in preference to Chromium Oxide scales at such high temperatures. Best suited for high temperature, low stress environments, Haynes 214 is used in the aerospace, automotive, industrial heating and medical industries, as well as for land-based gas turbines. Haynes 214 is also known as Cabot 214 and Hastelloy 214.

Haynes˘ 25 / L605 - Alloy Wire International 3

Haynes˘ 25 / L605

Haynes 25/L605 is a Cobalt-Nickel-Chromium-Tungsten alloy that combines good high temperature strength with good resistance to oxidising environments up to 980°C (1795°F) for long exposures. It also has excellent resistance to sulphidation, and responds extremely well to cold working. Known as the strongest of the formable Cobalt alloys, its widespread use has caused it to be investigated for use over a wide range of conditions, thus making it a well characterised material. Some of the industries Haynes 25/L605 is supplied to include aerospace, power generation, electronics, land-based turbines and medical. Haynes 25/L605 is also known as Udimet L605.