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List of Alloys & profiles

List of Alloys & profiles

AWI looks to Advance with new Engineering Show

Alloy Wire International’s first ever appearance at Advanced Engineering was very interesting and there were a lot of visitors who came to our stand and took an interest in our wide range of Exotic alloys.

In a change from other shows, we found we were discussing enquiries with engineers, technical specialists and metallurists as opposed to purchasing managers/buyers. This led to lots of different conversations and we could go into more detail on properties and potential applications.

Stephen Olley, Sales Executive, explained: “Small quantities were also a major point of discussion, especially around those that could be used for R&D projects and where a few metres of wire or bar could be used to make a handful of components.

“There was even one person who was looking at wire to make into a security chain. He needed an ultra-hard material that would be thief proof and withstand someone trying to cut it with an angle grinder.”

He continued: “The design of our stand proved popular with many of our products clearly illuminated in a display cabinet, whilst the touchscreen TV again proving its worth when we were talking about materials that perform in high temperatures. This technology allowed us to bring up datasheets on various materials very quickly.”

AWI, which also took a lot of enquiries for nickel alloys in straight bar, has already pledged its support for Advanced Engineering 2018 by booking a prime location for next year.

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