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List of Alloys & profiles

AWI keeps lead times short by delivering wire from just 3 weeks

AWI keeps lead times short by delivering wire from just 3 weeks

Alloy Wire International (AWI) prides itself on a high level of customer service, with high quality expected not only from customers, but also ourselves. Producing round wire, flat wire, shaped wire and wire rope to your exact specification is just the beginning, as we know you also want your wire to arrive as soon as possible.

This is why we endeavour to get your wire to you from just 3 weeks, so that you are able to forecast your production levels and manage your workflows. We are industry leaders when it comes to lead times, with our experience and skills allowing us to have your wire ready as soon as possible.

Why is AWI’s enhanced lead time so important?

At the recent CASMI show, conversation focused on the requirements for earlier development support and the availability of material in short lead times. This is something Alloy Wire International has heavily invested on in recent times, and we continue to invest in maintaining 400 tonnes of stock at any one time at our Midlands-based facility.

Many delegates from USA, Canada and Mexico spoke to us at CASMI and were keen to discuss their need for quick lead times in several industries such as aerospace, automotive, chemical and petrochemical processing, oil and gas extraction and marine environments – this just shows the breadth of clients that see quick lead times as a clear advantage that Alloy Wire International can provide.

AWI’s in-house capabilities

Delivering to more than 70 countries worldwide, Alloy Wire International prides itself on its lead time from just 3 weeks. Our experience and knowledge speak for themselves, as we have been manufacturing wire, bars and wire rope in high performance exotic alloys since 1946, providing customers with the assurance of quality, delivery and accuracy required to fulfil wire specifications.

Thanks to continuous investment every year in new machinery, employee development, and 200 tonnes of EU/DFARS starting stock material, we are proudly leading the wire industry forward. Within three weeks, customers are able to have their wire ranging from 0.025mm (.001″) to 21mm (.827″) in small batches and medium volumes.

Security of supply: 98% on time delivery performance

We take pride in our 98% on time delivery performance, as we are always striving for excellent customer satisfaction. We ensure that all our wire, bars or rope are securely and suitably packed for their mode of transportation, whether it is by road, air or sea. Wire is available in coils, spools and cut lengths, with all items clearly labelled with the order number, alloy, dimensions, weight, cast number and date.

Whatever requirements you need, simply send us the details of your specific application, and our friendly and reliable technical support team will review it and get back to you as soon as possible.

£500,000 investment in AWI’s new warehouse facility

We are proud to have recently invested more than £500,000 into a new warehouse extension at our UK headquarters, helping to reinforce our reputation as an industry leader and a hub of technical knowledge for clients and suppliers.

Investing in our warehouse space is vital to holding a greater stock of wire, meaning our 3-week lead times remain intact, as we can get wire from our location to our customers at the earliest possible time.

Delivering for you whilst reducing our carbon footprint

Whilst we have been investing in our facilities, Alloy Wire International is delighted to also be recognised as carbon negative, offsetting more carbon emissions that we produce and furthering our sustainability efforts.

We recognise that as a worldwide deliverer of wire, we need to ensure the future of our planet. This is why we partnered with Carbon Neutral Britain; to contribute to worldwide projects that focused on reforestation, as planting and protecting trees is one of the most sustainable ways to offset carbon.

Sustainability is becoming more important with each passing day, so you can be assured that by working with Alloy Wire International, you are working alongside a green manufacturer.

If you are interested in benefitting from our industry leading lead times, contact the experts at Alloy Wire International today and we would love to work with you. For more stories like this, see the news section or follow Alloy Wire International on LinkedIn.